GULF STREAM SEARCH is an executive search firm that specializes in the identification, assessment, and capture of top talent within the food and nutraceutical manufacturing industry.

 Why do Food Industry leaders work with Gulf Stream Search?

“Bob’s team is not only on top of our market, but they’re relentless in chasing down hard to find candidates within R&D – we’ve had several very challenging searches in locations that admittedly are not ideal, but Bob was able to construct a search plan and execute and identified 3 individuals who were all offer worthy.”

“When it comes to identifying business-minded product development folk who ‘get it’, Bob is the go-to recruiter for us.”

“As a VP of Sales, I’m not an R&D expert, but I manage R&D.  I needed a recruiter who understand that we weren’t just looking for a bench technologist for our team – we needed someone who could interact with challenging clients with challenging requirements – Bob earned our trust and has always hit the target with individuals he’s introduced to us.  He’s easy to work with and he’s our secret weapon.”

“As persistent and tenacious as Bob is, he’s a joy to work with, and I’ve worked with hundreds of recruiters in my time.  He understands his role and really digs into why and what a great hire will need to come on board.  He’s done that for us 5 times over the last couple years and Bob’s been a HUGE reason why our product development pipeline has really taken off and business is booming.”

“Bob not only brings the necessary recruiting chops, but he gets our business and he brings insight to the talent game that’s insightful, spot on, and crucial to our landing the best R&D talent over the years.  He’s head and shoulders above technical recruiters I’ve worked with in the past who don’t get the nuances of our particular needs.”







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