Part 1: How do you know it’s time to talk to an R&D recruiter?

When’s the right time to talk to an R&D recruiter?

As a recruiter, my stock answer is “long before now!”

The WORST time is when you’ve been laid off, demoted, passed over or a promotion, or told that you missed your bonus(or worse yet, your bonus has been eliminated).

In a multi-post series, I’ll be sharing different reasons to connect with an R&D recruiter, even if you’re not 100% positive it’s time to start looking.

For sales, marketing, and some “emotionally extroverted” types, there’s rarely much hesitancy with getting your career search in motion and to start looking; scientists, engineers, technologists, and first-borns are often less likely to do so….until it’s late enough to miss out on opportunities.

Why?  Well….don’t take it personally….but it’s just in your DNA – most R&D folk think in linear, black and white terms, are adept at controlling that which is controllable, and are resistant to change.

So….my advice is to start paying attention to those little pin pricks that your career is jabbing at you.

Feel them now???  You know…that angst that you just haven’t been able to figure out?  Here’s one that’s common…it doesn’t mean you should pack up your lab coat and hit the road…but at least move from “thinking about it” to reaching out to a recruiter….

It’s time to start looking when you’re an apple and the role is an orange

If you’ve spent your career developing new baked goods or prepared meals and find that your company has shuttered its innovation to focus on cost-cutting and re-formulations, you’re probably feeling a bit of career angst…and that’s not uncommon.

Companies change direction all the time, sometimes temporarily…sometimes for a period that will negatively impact the success you’ve had as an Innovator.  If you’re a product development rock star, and your company has pulled back on innovation, guess who’s not going to be able to shake their money maker?  YOU.

Every company in the food industry ebbs and flows with feeding their R&D pipeline…but not every company manages their resources the same…the scientists and technologists and brand managers who truly are innovative work closely with their mentors and managers to satisfy their primal “innovation” gene even in quiet times.  Companies and managers who become resigned to “same old same old” and stick their best, most creative talent on “busy” work lose these people.  Trust me on this…..these are the people I place!


The longer you wallow in this state of “blah”, the more your skills diminish…the more your attitude flags….and the more your marketability dips.

The longer you put up with letting your skills go stagnant, the less likely you’re perceived to be an A-player to outsiders.

The longer you allow yourself to be “under-employed”, the more your self esteem takes a hit…and you start to believe that you don’t deserve better.

So…..don’t just think about it….do something about it… someone like myself and talk it out and put together a plan of attack.

Stay tuned for more on this topic…and if a non-compete agreement is weighing you down….read up on a recent post about just that subject… Non-Compete Agreements * BE NOT AFRAID!

Take care until next time!

Bob Pudlock
Gulf Stream Search




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