Scientist Interview – Dr. Karen Schaich

What a cool story.

Life tossed an obstacle Dr. Schaich’s way with migraines, and it turned her career path toward the food science program at Purdue.

She wasn’t satisfied with the curriculum, so she started her own. 

What great lessons….

Scientist Interview – Dr. Karen Schaich.

Food Science & Health

Dr. Karen Schaich is an award-winning professor and research scientist at Rutgers University. Her exciting career path begins with her original goal at IU of becoming a medical missionary. However, battling migraines from a head injury, she was forced to reconsider her career path options. She transferred to Purdue into the newly formed Food Science program. The department was a mess of classes that ran at the exact same times and did not teach much of anything new to her because she grew up in a Midwest home with years of 4H fair food awards. Frustrated with the program, she did what every college kid dreams of and created her own major. It was an independent study called “Interdisciplinary Science & Food Research” and it involved a collection of some of the hardest science, math and engineering course she could possibly take. Creating her own major, as rigorous yet educational…

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