Guilty / Not Guilty * Sales Performance * Part 3/5

In our travels throughout the food industry, we come across well-intentioned leaders that struggle with adding or retaining top sales talent.

In Part 3, we’ll get into two more issues that plague organizations – not developing an integrated marketing engine that fuels the sales efforts and failing to “spec” out the exact competencies you’re looking for in a sales professional.

5.  The “They don’t need marketing” mentality.

Sure, good sales professionals can sell without an integrated marketing plan behind it, but can a company go from OK to GREAT without a consistent brand image? A story to tell, a website, or a vision? No.

Don’t fault a new hire for requesting marketing support  – consider for a moment why your customers work with you now – successful sales & marketing campaigns tap into the verbal, written, and emotional mediums to make their case, not just the persistent sales person that calls on their office every month.

6.  The “I’ll know it when I see it” mistake.

Be clear of your expectations and hire against specific criteria as opposed to hiring on the fly – every search for sales related talent should be conducted using specific criteria.  When beginning a search, never benchmark against your best sales person – if companies did that, they could never achieve anything better than what they already have!

What position other than sales offers a greater opportunity for gain and an as likely opportunity for loss?

 Treat it as such and take the time to draw up criteria to judge your candidates against.  Great companies never start a search without this step…..ever.


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