Sales Performance * Guilty / Not Guilty * Part 5/5

When companies and sales leaders fail on this front, the net effect is damaging: FLAT SALES, TURNOVER, and FRUSTRATION for the new hire, management, owners, and stakeholders.

As a sales leader, are you guilty of any or all of these mindsets or faulty systems?

9.   Failing to pull the plug

Just do it – if you’re thinking about firing your unproductive sales people, you’ve thought about it too long!   Do it – they’ve already cost you enough money.  If you think their performance will improve, keep thinking that thought into the next mediocre quarter.  Forgive the bluntness and the cold hard facts – a less than adequate salesperson can have a draining effect on a firm’s financials and its leaders.   Abide by employment law when you terminate, but don’t let the process drag out any longer than their mediocre performance – their mediocrity and your unwillingness to expect more has already cost you WAY TOO MUCH!

10.  Not communicating expectations

You can’t have a high level of performance without accountability.  You can’t have accountability without a system of measurement.  That’s what quotas are for, and not just dollar quotas.  # of first calls per day, # of closing calls per week, and # of referrals per month are all measurable activities, ones that ultimately lead to consistent, measurable, profitable business.


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